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New Document was long expected, but method of delivery causes press scramble

VATICAN-- A 50+ page document updating/reforming the apostolic constitution on the Curia has been unceremoniously promulgated, today, setting the Holy See buzzing.

The document, entitled Praedicate evangelium, replaces Pastor bonus, promulgated by Pope John Paul II on June 28, 1988. The document was expected for some time--taking, reportedly, over 9 years to develop. Some colleagues in Sala Stampa stated that the cause of such a long development period was so that the Vatican's translations of the new reform document were properly done--but the document promulgated today was delivered solely in Italian.

In addition to the unannounced document drop, the Vatican published that a press conference would be held on Monday--leaving accredited journalists to the Vatican to question what seems to be a departure from the tradition of holding conferences prior to the publication of an important document for access to the general public.

The press conference, therefore, promises to be an interesting say the least.

Here, published in full through AI translation, is Pope Francis' newest reforms to the Vatican Curia, Praedicate evangelium:



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