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A Christmas Gift for "the Good of the Faithful"? New Restrictions from Vatican Congregation.

VATICAN--The head of the Congregation for Divine Liturgy, Archbishop Arthur Roche, has published a series of answers to "dubia" surrounding Pope Francis' latest Motu Proprio, Traditionis Custodis.

A synopsis of this response could include confirming that although the Latin Mass according to the Old Rite may continue, other liturgical celebrations reliant on the "Pontificale Romanum" have been "abrogated".

This seems to include ordinations.

Questions will inevitably follow to the status of Congregations, where priests are ordained in the Traditional Rite, and which were fully established and approved by earlier Popes, and in full union with the Holy See. What will happen to these thriving communities, and their current seminarians?

Other questions will certainly arise to the "Synodality" afforded by this action from a Vatican Congregation. Are these clear orders given to Successors of the Apostles on how they are to manage their sees?

The following is the full text of the Response:

Download PDF • 329KB



Dec 18, 2021


I think you’ve made a mistake. It’s the Pontifical that’s forbidden, not the Ritual.

The Rituale Romanum of 1952 is permitted use by those with permission to use the ‘62 Missal. This means that traditional weddings, funerals, extreme unction, and baptism can still take place.

It‘s those actions proper to a bishop, that cannot. That means no ordinations, confirmations, or Pnotifical Masses; those things that draw great crowds and expose many to Tradition. I think Burke and Schneider are the particular targets here.

Jon Kabel

Bree A. Dail
Bree A. Dail
Dec 18, 2021
Replying to

Thank you, I've reread the document and you are correct.

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